Do I love you?  Is this real?

My heart is whispering yes

My mind has finally discovered

What my lips have yet to profess

It seems I’ve waited a lifetime

To discover a love that is true

Every prayer that I laid before God

Was answered when he brought me to you

I felt fear when you spoke of your feelings

My heart cried that I needed more time

Love came softly… gently… quietly

With the assurance you were meant to be mine

I feel a peace… when I am with you

I feel security… within your arms

Your love… wraps itself around me

Guarding me… protecting me from harm

Within your eyes I see warmth and tenderness

I see the promise of… undying love

I see your soul… strong and faithful

I see a blessing from our Father above

My heart… is overflowing within me

Filled with love; adoration for you

I can’t sleep as emotion overtakes me

In celebration of a love that is true

Fear persists but is subdued by excitement

The excitement of discovering true love

Dreaming… of the start of our new life

Knowing a lifetime will still not be time enough

Our love will overcome all that would harm us

It will triumph; it will shine; it will prevail

It will excel any love that was before us

It will be the love of poetry; of our very own fairy tale

For I know truly that you are my Prince Charming

And I pray I will always be the one you love

You’re the hope harbored in my heart a lifetime

You are the love that was meant for me… from above

I close my eyes and your face is before me

I feel my heart and know it beats for… you alone

You gave me time; you give me all I’ve ever needed

“My love”… my heart, my trust… you now own

And now as we begin our journey together

Never alone… that journey is now done

God will lead us… his path we will travel

Two hearts… that now beat as one


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell 


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