Love… can last for a lifetime

Though today it is so hard to find

Forever is promised in vows of the heart

Then disappears amidst difficult times


But occasionally “forever” is given

By the heart and the soul of a man

His life ends in the arms of his family

His last breath whispering “I am”


Our Savior spoke these words as an answer

When asked to explain… who He was

“I Am”….Simple yet profound

“I Am” everything on earth and Above


I am Father, I am Son, and I am Savior

To all who will love me; all I hold dear

I will love, I will honor, and I will protect you

Carry your burdens; dry your tears


 “I am” was whispered that day to the Heavens

By one that followed the footsteps of the Son

He was “everything” on this earth to his family

God whispers in his ear: “son…well done”


He fought earthly battles with faith and courage

Questioning “why”; but knowing God was near

Trusting in His love and in His Divine purpose

Trusting …and moving forward… without fear


He rests now in the arms of his heavenly family

His Father has him home; his purpose is done

He watches those he loves; he awaits them in Heaven

Knowing for each; a new life has begun


His heart is with the one he loved “forever”

His wish was granted; as he took his last breath

For a day without her in his life he could not fathom

A love that lives on…untouched even by death


His children are grown; his love still surrounds them

His legacy of compassion and strength will live on

His laughter and humor will never be forgotten

His heart beats within the hearts of his sons


“I am what I was meant to be; my life was with purpose

I loved a lifetime…I know I was blessed

I know my love will live on through my family

As I lay me down on this final day of rest.”


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

For my Tia Frances and family in memory of my Tio Udy


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