Why does love hurt?

Why does it always end in pain?

Why am I always left crying?

Yet go through it again and again?

Why do I allow my heart to soften?

To forget the hurt and the lies

Why can’t I just move forward?

Let go the fantasy of matrimonial ties

For love always leaves my heart broken

Though a different time; a different man

Crying over lies and deception

Shattering, breaking the woman I am

I cry when the dream is broken

I cry when the love is gone

When truth is no longer spoken

When I realize again!… I was wrong

I cry for the future without you

I cry for the love sought in vain

Memories that will come back to haunt me

When I think of you again and feel pain

I want to let go of this feeling

Forget you… no matter the cost

Stop crying every time I remember

Stop feeling the pain of love lost


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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