I am lonely; though surrounded by people

My heart… feels heavy and cold

I am left with a feeling of uneasiness

A sadness; I can’t seem to let go

Life… moves on all around me

I attempt to keep in step with it’s time

To the world; I am confident and happy

With no indication that all is not fine

Yet within me there is a feeling of sadness

Of loneliness; of heartache; of pain

An unyielding storm rages within me

As my soul seeks shelter from the rain

I feel drenched; lost in its darkness

I fear… I may never find my way out

In my life; I sense… a loss of direction

My mind is overshadowed with doubt

I seek solace thru distractions around me

Attempting… not to dwell on my pain

Hoping if I ignore the silence that surrounds me

I’ll be able… to achieve contentment again

I must fight… I must win this battle

For “loneliness”… is all a state of mind

I am loved in all ways; except romantic

I must embrace the present; leave loneliness behind

I will release… this loneliness… from around me

I will wear… its heavy burden…no more

Refuse… to let sadness… overtake me

Its dark whispers; I chose from this day to ignore

For my life; though at times is draped in silence

Silence… of a love… not yet…attained

It is rich… from the people that surround me

And the love that overflows; that will remain.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell





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