I heard a quote today

“Live as if you were dying”

The meaning pierced my heart

As the words touched my brain


You see…I was thinking of all I needed to do

All the little things crammed into my day

Things that I felt I must accomplish

Now seemed insignificant; viewed in a different way

I thought about what those chores truly accomplished

Did they serve a purpose other than just to have them done?

Was that truly what I would do with my life?

If I knew that at days end death would come

Suddenly my world changed before me

The sky seemed bluer; the grass seemed more green

There was beauty in everything around me

I saw before me what moments before had been unseen

I thought of those that I loved and treasured

I thought of those that I’d left in my past

I thought of all the blessings I’d been bestowed in my life

I thought of desires I always seemed to put last

Saving those dreams for another day; another time

A time I finally realized…offered no guarantees

I always assumed I had “the rest of my life”

Never thanking God for every moment I breathed

My new vow will be…not to waste my life’s song

To think about what is important to me every morning as I wake

I’ll keep life’s little disappointments in perspective

Being thankful I’m alive to enjoy each new day

I want… to touch the lives of others

I want to be remembered when I am gone

I want to live life always reaching forward

Not regretting all the things I think I’ve done wrong

I want to forgive all of those…that have hurt me

As I would ask forgiveness if I’ve done the same

I want to dwell on life’s pleasures and beauty

Look back on my life without sorrow or shame

If I should die at the end of tomorrow

I know I’ll die with a heart that is true

True to myself and true to my Creator

To truly LIVE my life

It’s what I know I must do


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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