Will I be remembered when I’m gone?

I ask myself as I sit and cry

What will I leave when I am here no more?

I’m beginning to think my life is a lie


Is anyone happy?  Is anyone content?

Is the world a stage where we all appear…

To live the lives…other would want?

But when the curtains close the smiles disappear


I sit and wonder where the days have gone

Why dreams that were near, have now seemed to stray

I think of the things that I have prayed for in my life

And I question why God has kept them away


I only wanted what seemed within reach

I didn’t ask for gold or fairy tales

I only wanted to be cherished and loved

Instead I’m alone, wondering “where I have failed?”


My heart is heavy; mistakes have been made

And I wonder if my life will ever change

My mind doesn’t know which direction to take

I sit and wonder “do I take all the blame?”


My mind is screaming “Dig Out Of This Hole!”

But my heart is heavy and weighing me down

My tears seem to flow never-ending down my face

As I wear my misery like a thorn-edged crown


I feel alone, wondering what damage I’ve done

For we all have a purpose in life to fulfill

I know that I’ve lived my life for myself

Taken the path best for Me; but lived not by His will


I tell myself; my intentions were worthy

I tell myself; I did the best that I could

But I know in my heart, I took the easy way out

If I could do things differently; I know that I would


This moment marks a point of resolve in my life

A time of clarity; a point of no return

When I realize that God has given me another day

To wipe away the tears and use the lesson I’ve learned


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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