I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light

Words spoken to man… so long ago

The path is unchanged that leads to Heaven

The key to His home so long ago bestowed

Why do we veer from the path predetermined?

Losing sight of the Way; of the Truth; of the Son

Searching for the path that will lead us to heaven

Yet knowing in truth… there is only one

We know the journey we are destined to follow

The path to Heaven and our Father above

Yet we seek the “easy road”; one commonly traveled

Stepping from... a path paved by sacrifice and  love

We are never alone though on the road “less traveled”

On His path He will carry us when the body is weak

Ignoring the “easy” roads the world would have us travel

Understanding… His direction; is the only we should seek

Lord I pray you will keep my feet on Your path to heaven

That my journey to Heaven is pleasing in Your sight

That the road made for me by Jesus my Savior

Will be the only path I’ve traveled at journeys end tonight


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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