My heart hurts…

Is this how love is supposed to be?

It’s not the love I’ve read about…

The love of novels, movies, and poetry


I thought love made you happy…

Brought you joy and delight

Kept you feeling strong and secure

Warmed you within its light


What I feel is… loneliness

I feel so… incomplete

I doubt myself and I doubt you

This isn’t the way love’s supposed to be


How did I get to this point?

Why do I continue to stay?

What in God’s name do I gain from this?

Why can’t I walk away?


I once was strong and confident

But love has made me weak

Its holds my heart prisoner

Not allowing me to leave


My mind keeps yelling “Run away”

But my body refuses to obey…

My heart is bound as if by chains

Forcing… me to stay


How do I break free from this love affair?

How do I… walk away?

Leave guilt, despair, and loneliness behind

Please send the answers; I pray


Give me back my life again

Take these chains that bind my heart

Love this painful can’t be real

Let true love’s healing start


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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