My dearest Lord

I place my soldier within your hands

Please protect him… and guide him

While he is deployed within foreign lands

I trust in You; in Your covenant of love

And pray always that Your will be done

But my dreams haunt me as I attempt sleep

As a mother’s heart fears for a beloved son

My faith is not diminished by the emotions I feel

I know you understand this purest love

And I know my son will be home again

Within my world… or within heaven above

My soul finds comfort as I whisper Your name

Knowing Your hand rests upon my son

In the knowledge that he is never alone

He is always in the presence of the Most Holy One

I seek from You: Father… the gift of time

Of allowing more moments to be shared

There is always so much that seems undone

So many more “I love you”s still undeclared

But my dearest Lord; it is well with my soul

And I will trust in You... in whatever is to come

As I place my most precious treasure in Your hands

I give you my soldier; my heart; my son.

Written by TaVona S Treadwell for Maureen…as moms of soldiers we all share the same fears 

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