In God’s Hands

My son…today I release you

Your safety …I put in God’s hands

In my mind…you’re still a child; my baby

Yet in the army; you’re a soldier; you’re a man

Today you went forth to fight for freedom

You put your life on the line for all I hold dear

You have the strength; the training; the wisdom

But I keep wishing you were with me; you were here

But I know I have done well in my role as parent

I have taught you to always fight for what you believe

To do what is right; though the road may not be easy

To live through your heart; never surrender to deceit

You are warrior; prayers of family and friends surround you

You wear the armor of man; and of God above

Your name carried forth on angel’s wings

Seeking… His protection… and His love

I pray your heart will be your strongest weapon

That God will always be the cause you fight for

For when you allow Him… within you

You will persevere through any war

Your eyes will see the visions of inhumanity

Your heart will be scarred by what you must do

But your soul…… in God’s hands

Will always be able feel His healing; His truth

Disregard politics…don’t judge yourself…

by events of which you have no control

See the man within you... in the principles

In the truth you are fighting for

For in every country; there are God’s children;

Deserving of his mercy and his love

Look not at the man you are fighting against

But on the oppression to know our God above

You fight……not against man; you fight

Against the disregard of life and search of truth

You fight… for the choice of freedom

You fight for the souls of this world’s youth

You fight with truth and honor…

You defend country and God above

Standing guard over all I believe

Through sense of duty; through patriotic love

My prayer is… that God guides you

That in His presence you always remain

You feel His peace and the warmth of His comfort

His hand on your heart till I see you again

Written by TaVona S Treadwell
















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