I’m Sorry…

Such simple words…so much meaning

Trying to hide the shame; the regret

Of words or actions that have hurt you

Do they make a difference?

Do they make the pain any less?

Or are they just words to make ME feel better

Will I truly be forgiven with those words?

My mind says yes

But my heart knows better

It knows that words cannot erase…

What hurt you

That to be forgiven does not mean

The pain is forgotten

It only means it is pushed away…

For the moment

But will be brought forth again…

In times of distress

It’s just the way it is…

I’m sorry…I really am

The soul seeks solace

The mind allows it…


But pain has its own defense

Cumulating into a wall…

That will never be totally broken down

So I know I must make it up to you

Creating hills of beauty…

Of soft green grass and fragment flowers

The can extend over the wall

So that when I reach out…

I can touch you…

The beauty that I build around you

Must overcome the pain

That I have caused within you

I want you to see love

When you look in my eyes

And remember not …

The pain

I love you


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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