I’m done looking for true love

I’m done believing the words

I’m done falling for another

I’m done…love is absurd


I’m confused when it comes to mankind

I’m confused by the magnitude of deceit

I’m confused by truth…or the lack of

I’m confused by the love life I lead


I’m tired of picking up the pieces

I’m tired… of the lies I’m told

I’m tired of my heart being shattered

I’m tired…and I’m too damn old


I’m angry for not knowing the difference

I’m angry at not seeing the signs

I’m angry that love made me weak

I’m angry…at love and its lies


I’m done listening to words and believing

I’m done trusting a man’s soul

I’m done praying for love and laughter

I’m done ending up empty and alone


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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