I’m afraid of not finding true love

My heart never feeling complete

Never finding the man of my dreams

Alone…am I destined to be?

I’m afraid of making wrong choices

Choosing love that will fade with time

In the end being broken-hearted

Choosing the one not destined to be mine

I’m afraid of missing my true love

In my search for the keeper of my heart

I’ll look past the one God intended

To the wrong man; my love again impart

I’m afraid of time passing by me

Of being alone…and growing old

My child will be living his own life

Of love, I’ll have only stories to be told

I’m afraid as I lay in the darkness

The angels…hovering near

There will be no love to comfort and hold me

As my soul from this earth disappears


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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