I deserve the best that life has to offer

I know I’ve settled for less along the way

I won’t be cheated of what God has intended

I won’t let the world steal another day

I must love myself before I love another

For to love thyself is the truest love of all

I’ll be thankful for each and every blessing

I’ll take life’s risk, regardless of the fall

I won’t be afraid that others may try to judge me

Fear and criticism I will choose not to hear

I will treasure what is given to me in this lifetime

My dreams and desires I will pursue without fear

I will always try to see the inner beauty

Realizing that God holds that closest to His heart

Though others may see only what is before them

Time fades; but a beautiful soul will not depart

I know I have strength deep within me

It keeps me safe when all around me falls

I’ve found it every time life offers challenge

When heartache holds my soul within its walls

I must believe that I am …truly perfect

Despite flaws and mistakes made day to day

For God’s hands created me; mind and body

I am His masterpiece; on this earth displayed

So, I wait for the one that will treat me as a treasure

That will covet no other; that will always keep me near

I am perfect to him; his love will never waver

I am his life; his love; all that he holds dear

And until the time when God brings us together

An untrue heart will not own my life again

For false love only comforts for a moment

I’ll wait for true love; for love that never ends


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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