I pray this night for your happiness

May the love that you seek be true

May her warmth and comfort embrace you

May she treasure the spirit within you

For your heart is a wonderful treasure

Every heartbeat carries her name

You seek love… pure and honest

Opening your heart; to love again

We each dream of the storybook ending

Of happily ever after; of a love that is true

You are the prince that rescues the beauty

Her fairy tale exists… within you

I smile when I think of you happy

You are a friend whose heart I hold dear

May you always feel the presence of true love

And trust in a friendship that will always be near.

Know there are hands… that will always uplift you

A heart that will offer comfort without end

I am with you…no matter the distance

Praying for happiness and for love; for my friend


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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