I never had your heart

I only had your empty words

Bits and pieces of you

That you threw to me

Like scraps to a dog

You wanted me to believe

I was special

That with me

You were willing to share

When in reality

There is nothing

Of you to give

You are empty

Devoid of truth

You use your charm

Your words

To seduce

The mind and body

With no regards

To the woman’s soul

You proceed with abandon

With recklessness

Irregardless of the havoc

You will cause

Of the heartache

That follows

In your wake

Do you have no conscience?

Have words become

Only a means to an end

Devoid of any meaning

Of any sincerity

Do you know truth at all?

Someone unable to be honest

With others

Is also unable to be honest

With themselves

What truths are you hiding from?

I am sad

For you

More than for myself

For a life devoid of truth

Is a life devoid

Of true love

Of any true happiness

You will

In the end

Have lived a lifetime

Without truly

Having lived

At all


Written By TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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