I love the sunshine warm on my face in the morning

I love the ocean as the waves roll onto the sand

I love roses; splendor and beauty

I love your voice and the touch of your hand

I love the dew fresh on the grass in the morning

I love the rain as drops cascade over my skin

I love lavender; softness and comfort

I love being your lover as well as your friend

I love butterflies as they flutter around me

I love birds a they sing their morning songs

I love violets: velvet simplicity

I love your spirit with a heart that is strong

I love fields of flowers swaying as the wind blows

I love the moonlight as it dances amongst the stars

I love lilies; simple yet majestic

I love the female Venus and the masculine Mars

For I want you to be true to that spirit within you

I love the man that God intended you to be

I love the strength; the tenderness; the compassion

I love and am blessed that you share yourself with me


Thank you for being a part of my life.  You have given me happiness, excitement, and tenderness.  You make me feel beautiful and vibrant.  My life is better because you are a part of it.  I must be a princess because you are certainly Prince Charming.  Thank you for the fairy tale.


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