I lay awake; my mind is racing

Questions pursue me without end

I search my soul to find the answers

Another sleepless night; I’ll spend


I watch the clock; hours lost in darkness

My rest tonight; I will not find

My body fights; tossing and turning

As worry and anxiety entrap my mind


I search for peace; a drop of comfort

I pray to God; His touch I’ll feel

To be lost in Him; to hear His voice

To trust in Him; proof my faith is real


I should lay my worry and stress before Him

I should trust that I fight no battle alone

That He will provide if I trust him wholly

He has an answer to every question I own


I seek comfort and wisdom from my Father in heaven

I pray for release…from the troubles I bear

I pray to sleep as night slips before me

Praying His peace and comfort I’ll share


Sleep eludes me still; as I attempt to hear Him

As I stare into darkness; searching for His light

It is hard to silence the worry within me

As I struggle to surrender the outcome of this fight


I lay awake…knowing I have no answers

I lay awake knowing I should trust in Him

I lay awake overtaken by my emotion

I lay awake…counting the hours again


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell 

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