I am worthy; of love and salvation

So long ago a sacrifice was made

My Father showed me; a love so perfect

By the sacrifice of His Son; my debt was paid

I am a woman; born of His creation

To Him I am perfect; I have no flaws

I live in a world; surrounded by millions

But to my Father above; I am His cause

He fights for me; against the dark angel

He never gives up; protecting my soul

To Him; my worth compares to no other

He accepts all that is me; He accepts me whole

I am strong and free of any insecurity

For I do not doubt… my Father’s plan

I will live my life immersed in His presence

Unconcerned by the judgment of any man

For to live my life; limited by insecurity

Is to doubt the creation my Father has made

It would question the perfection of His design

With insecurity; a lack of faith is displayed

Insecurity is vain; for it focuses only within me

I should keep my focus on my Father above

Live my life knowing in the end only He matters

Thus live a life led by forgiveness and love

To live as close as I can…to the life of Jesus

Would be to live a life always… in His light

Spared of doubt and its accompanying darkness

To know I lived in truth as each day turns to night

I would forgive all… without reservation

For I am forgiven… through the blood of the Son

I have but to ask once… for pardon

For His grace covers sin completely; even sin… not yet done

Because of His love; I will never be forsaken

All I must do is to truly… repent

My security lies in the unconditional love of my Father

A prayer is answered… as forgiveness is sent

I am worthy in His eyes to be one others may follow

I am significant; I have purpose; a message to give

He whispers “Be blessed by who you are; thus you will bless others “

I am only me; yet He makes me worthy; to be a blessing in this life… I live

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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