I am proud of the courage you showed

As you took your first step in becoming a man

You faced your fears; didn’t back down

You could have easily changed your mind and ran

It is not easy to face the unknown

Knowing you’re committed…for a time

Not able to lean on family and friends

Trusting in yourself…knowing you’ll be fine

I am proud to call you my son

I know without doubt that you’re going to succeed

You’ll overcome all of the hardships you face

Becoming the man God intends you to be

Don’t give up…do whatever it takes

Call upon all of your strength from within

Recite the motto…”Be all you can be”

Be a role model for those you call friends

For it’s more common to “take the easy way out”

To follow…to go with the flow

Than to stand on your own; be a man

When your friends don’t continue to grow

Maybe…you are where you are now

To learn your strengths; learn how to survive

A balance of strength, respect, and honor

Maybe your example will change a friend’s life

I pray you take in…all that is offered

Learn from these people that are guiding your way

They are tough but with heartfelt intentions

Discovering your strengths that have been hidden away

I am proud…looking forward to the outcome

Because I know that your direction is right

You’re preparing yourself for your future

Taking control of the rest of your life


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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