I’m missing you…

But I feel your presence in my heart

Though there may be many miles between us

Only in body are we apart

I feel your love…

It surrounds me and keeps me safe

Though I may not feel your lips or the touch of your hand

I desire no other to take your place

I feel the trust…

The virtue that seems so hard to find

Shared by the two of us without thought; without reservation

It protects the heart; comforts the mind

I feel desire…

For the touch of your lips upon my skin

I close my eyes…and allow the dream to overtake me

Hoping the fantasy never ends

I feel love…

In a way different from the past

I love the sense of freedom that I have found with you

My heart is safe at last

I feel lonely…

But know that you are worth the pain

Of longing for someone who cannot be with me

Of emotion that can’t be explained

My Love…

Holds me captive; chains my heart

Keeps our souls bound together as one

Though the world keeps us apart

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell









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