How will you be remembered?

A question seldom given much thought

Too busy living our daily lives

Time for reflection is naught

But today is farewell to one that has passed

He’s been called by the Father above

He is missed by his friends; they tell stories of his life

Stories told with tenderness and love

He is remembered for his strength and commitment

To friends; and all he held dear

He is remembered for his courage as he fought for his life

Courage that never wavered though he knew death drew near

Danny…you will always be remembered

Your memory will live on through your friends

Though your soul may be in the arms of our Father above

A life remembered…never truly ends

Tears flow because the world is without you

Your wondrous life many will never know

Except shared through the stories of love and laughter

Stories that deserve to be retold

So Danny…I feel blessed to have known you

If only through words spoken by a dear friend

One that truly loved and respected you

One that will ensure your memory never ends

We can only pray as we face that moment

When death calls us to the Father above

That we leave behind a celebration of our life

Remembered forever by all those that we’ve loved


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell---dedicated to Danny Constable…a friend through the words of another. 

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