How will I live without you?...

A question that’s tearing me apart

The tears come close to the surface…

The thought shatters my heart

You’ve always been there to guide me

You’ve always been…my best friend

Holding me whenever I’ve needed you

Love…flowing forth…without end

I’ve never given thought to losing you

Never imagined one day you’d be gone

Your presence as vital as the air I breathe

Without you; this world would feel wrong

Your voice speaks “love” when you talk to me

Your hands lift me up when I’m down

You listen; you pray; and you comfort me

Unconditional love from you; always found

The years have proven that love to me

Standing by me; even though I’ve done wrong

Guiding me…through my guilt and my misery

Your love gives me the strength…to carry on

My world will be empty without you here with me

Longing to hear your laughter; to hear your voice

Feel the warmth of your presence; be you far or near

Existence; day to day…a painful choice

Life is what it is…absence a certainty

As God calls us each…one day home

I know in His arms you’ll one day be

But I fear life without you…here alone

My heart is heavy; burdened…because of fear

As my soul attempts to prepare me for that day

Calling on me to trust in God…to have faith

Rely on His strength; His promise; His grace

You have taught me well…of His love for us

It is the journey’s end; only from this life

It is the beginning you have lived your whole life for…

To sit before Him; bathed within His holy light

Lonely; heartbroken; I will weep for you…

For the life I must live without you here…

But know I will honor you; I will go on

For you are within me; your spirit forever near


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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