How could I… have been so wrong?

How could I… have let you in?

Should’ve listened to my inner voice

Should’ve listened to the voice of my friends


If something seems too good to be true

Rest assured…it most certainly is

Prince charming is only a fairy tale

In this life; never will he exist


What possessed me to open my heart?

Why did I melt when you whispered my name?

I must have been desperate… for love

I must have been temporarily… insane


I question why I chose to believe you

Your quest was to lie and deceive

True love seems to be unattainable

I don’t know why I just couldn’t leave


How could I weaken just to hear the word “love”?

Seeming to hunger for the warmth of its touch

Not remembering this journey’s been traveled

Seeming to forget love hurts… too damn much

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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