Her Presence

Her body is weakened

We are told the end is near

Yet you see beauty in her face

Angel with conscience clear

He is ready to receive her

To embrace His child again

As she is sheltered into Heaven

Unburdened by worldly sin

She leaves many who love her

As she enters the pearly gates

Secure in their salvation…

For their souls; she prays and waits

For she has fulfilled her purpose

She has… taught them well

Guided them toward Heaven

Her body breathes… farewell

Her beauty… still lingers

Her essence… fills the room

She is the rose God created

Her sweet soul …His perfume

She is the compassionate mother

She is the loving wife

Her body may depart from us

Her spirit ensures eternal life

For she will never be forgotten

Her memory; her legacy lives on

She prays now amongst angels

Only the body… is gone

We will celebrate the comfort

The presence; of an angel brings

 Knowing she is still with us

As we are caressed by angelic wings


Written by TaVona S Treadwell


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