He gave his life…for the sake of my redemption

Knowing the pain and anguish would be severe

He suffered and died… and was buried

And as prophesied in three days reappeared


I cry as I think upon his death as a mother

To see my son suffering… and in pain

I cannot save him; cannot take this burden from him

My heart breaks; my tears flow… as rain


I cry as I think upon his death as a disciple

He taught of sacrifice, forgiveness and love

He is living his teachings; He is my example

His truth… I must continue to speak of


I cry as I think upon his death as a soldier

My orders were direct; the orders spoken clear

Yet this man faces death with quite courage

His face filled… with compassion; without fear


I cry as I think upon his death as a sinner

As I contemplate on the emotions of that day

That my Lord would suffer within the human body

For the sole purpose of cleansing… my sins away


I cry as I think upon death; that will come for me

Regardless… of what… is left undone

Realizing though late; the gift given to me

Through the death and resurrection of the Son


I cry as I seek the Lord’s forgiveness

Thanking the heavens that it is never deemed too late

To call upon Him; to thank Him; to embrace Him

For every heart; every soul; He patiently waits


Arms open; He accepts me, this is my miracle

That he would welcome… a sinner such as me

This is my Easter; my moment of redemption

All that was asked was to call on Him; to believe

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell










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