Why can’t you harden my heart?

So that love doesn’t cause so much pain

Why am I always so trusting?

Allowing my heart to get broken again


I am tired of feeling the tears flow

The sorrow of my heart leaving its path upon my face

Feeling the pain as I’m dealing with another heartache

As again, cruelly, love is ripped from my embrace


Dear God; just take away my compassion

Take away this “softness” that makes me hurt so much

Take away this yearning for unattainable love

Take away this desire for a man’s touch


I need to be hard; to abandon all weakness

To reject false love; not allowing it to hurt me again

For love seems to be perverse; to be deceptive

In the life experiences shared by myself and my friends


I’m beginning to see love as a cruel joke

It teases; it beckons; it calls your name

You reach for it; thinking this time it will be different

But yet again the outcome is the same


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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