As I close my eyes… tonight

I pray for release from emotions of today

The anger and hurt that crowd my heart

As today’s events in my mind are replayed

Emotion… seems to overtake me

I pray for strength…… to “let go”

Free myself of the sting of words spoken

To free myself of anger’s grip on my soul

I pray for strength… from my Father

His comfort I seek as I pray tonight

The bitterness will depart from this body

And my soul will renew with morning’s light

I pray for strength…to have a Christian spirit

As tomorrow I will face these battles again

I pray to emulate His love and His forgiveness

To hold my tongue and feel His spirit within

I pray for strength…to continue my journey

To persevere amidst injustice faced each day

To be His pearl; a beautiful soul within this body

To allow his presence in my life to be displayed


Written by TaVona S Treadwell



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