I feel the wind…caressing my body

I feel the wind flowing through my hair

The world does not encumber us

We ride; free …from worldly cares

I have my arms wrapped around you

Feel protected by mere touch

Allowing the wheel to be our compass

Not caring where this journey ends up

For we are free; within our trust of each other

We are free in our trust of the road

We breathe in the excitement of the journey

The thrill of each; promising pleasure untold

The future lies hidden before us

Dependent on the roads we will choose

Curves and bumps a part of the journey

Our bodies adapt; together we won’t lose

We have freedom; we have hearts that are open

Strengthened by respect and by trust

We have found…someone to share life’s journey

No longer distracted by loneliness or lust

Life’s road is now open before us

We are strong; we are balanced; we are one

Our destination is “where ever the wheel leads us”

For together any obstacle will be overcome

Forever will we feel the wind around us

Travelling… upon the road that never ends

Our journey limitless; guided by love's freedom

My arms around my lover, my confidant, my friend


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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