Forgiveness… is a word of power

For it gives us peace; within our soul

It is God’s gift; a release from anger


its cleansing power allows us to grow



It allows us to see a new future

Unrestrained by the injustice of our past

To look beyond the emotions we are feeling

To know… the hurt will not last


We move forward; we are guided by His presence

We sense… His hand upon our breast

We know He cries with each and every heartbeat

He is present; through our anger and distress


He hears the words we cry out before him

Our anger; He deflects with His hand

For He knows our weakness is emotion

For He created us in His image; we are man


He… forgives us on a daily basis

Through mere words asking for His grace

He loves us; He never abandons

He loves us; though we daily make mistakes


Forgiveness… is such a gift of power

Forgiveness… is needed by every man

He forgives us; as we forgive each other

Forgiven; I’m sheltered within His hands


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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