Forever… I will love you

This I promise to be true

I know my life has been blessed

Through the love I’ve shared with you

Our simple routine of the morning

Brings joy as we begin a new day

Sharing moments simplistic yet delightful

Memories that never fade away

I love you for the years we’ve shared together

I love you for the obstacles we’ve overcome

Forever will your heart be mine to treasure

Forever though the Lord may call us home

For I believe that true love is undying

That our love will follow to Heaven above

I will feel your angel wings around me

Holding you; as it’s you I dream of

Your beautiful spirit… will guide me

As I travel my earthly journey alone

Counting each moment; an eternity without you

Until the Lord calls my lonesome soul back home


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

In memory of Loretta Lich for Frank Lich


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