I should fear nothing as a woman of faith

Yet so many times fear takes control

I forget the worth of the souls around me

Seeing only my fears; I’m afraid to let go

I set my sights on what could be lost

I think with logic instead of God’s love

I worry about how “you” will deceive me

Never truly yielding to my protection above

Did my fear keep me silent in your darkest hour?

Would your heart have been open to witness God’s love?

Did my silence keep you from discovering your Father?

From feeling the acceptance from heaven above

My heart is grieving because you are no longer with us

I am praying that you believed; and had God in your life

Or did I trade a soul for the fear of losing possessions

Looking back now... wishing I could make things right

I will never give up on another of God’s children

I am praying you know I never gave up on you

I was seduced by time; living in the moment

Thinking “later on” I would witness His truth

Your soul is worth more than any earthly treasure

I would risk all… to have you whisper His name

To know you felt the comfort of true forgiveness

Your heart and soul…He would… forever claim.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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