Fear not… my precious children

You have protection from the Highest One

The body is fragile; the mind susceptible

Yet His soul this world may not harm

Fear not…my precious children

Know that each moment is held in His hand

There is time to fulfill your purpose in life

 The Lord knows your heart; He understands

Fear not…my precious children

All answers are given from Above

All you need… is to call on His name

He will guide you through His Fatherly love

Fear not…my precious children

Evil and fear… on you have no claim

He is your protector; your shield; your armor

With Him; victorious you will always remain

Fear not my precious children

Forever you are childlike in His eyes

Innocent because of the sacrifice of the Son

His unconditional love for you; undisguised

Fear not my precious children

Your greatest blessing is at the journey’s end

As your Father welcomes your weary soul home

The depth of His love you will finally comprehend

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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