Family is a word that has so much meaning

It speaks of love, sacrifice, and dreams

It’s a passionate heart that guides and protects us

There is no greater love, on this earth, to be seen


It’s a mother’s arms, embracing and comforting

It’s a fathers arms, strong yet kind

It’s unconditional love; sometimes undeserving

There is no greater love, on this earth, you will find


My mother has…the heart of an angel

My father’s love…will protect and defend

United they are a fortress around me

There is no greater love, on this earth, God could send


I am never alone; my family is with me

I feel their love, no matter how far away

They share my life, my heartaches, and my laughter

I think of their love as I kneel down to pray


I know I am blessed with parents that love me

They care for my mind, my body, my soul

They are always there with truth and with wisdom

They are trying to guide me to Heaven’s door


The riches of Heaven they wish to bequeath me

They whisper my name to God every night

There is no greater gift than that of salvation

And parents to turn you toward God’s Holy Light

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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