I’ve always been told to set a good example

In the presence of people not well known

For first impressions stay with you forever

You are remembered by the conduct you’ve shown

We tend to forget… to be an example

To those we love; those we hold most dear

Our “true colors” flow forth… too freely

Once the need to impress is no longer near

But I have been honored to meet an “example”

A friend that lives… everyday the same

Holding true to her morals and standards

At night knowing she’s honored His name

She is free with her strength and her wisdom

She gives freely of her hands and her mind

She is the first to offer her assistance

A more giving heart I challenge you to find

We would do well to follow her “example”

To offer… with no expectation of reward

To lead… a life… serving others

Following the example of a friend following the Lord


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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