Easter is a time of commitment

To ourselves and to the One above

A time to realize all that was sacrificed

A life …that was given out of love

It’s a time to reflect on our own lives

Look to our future and remember where we’ve been

Have we lived life to its full potential?

Have we lived a “good” life or one led by sin?

Day to day…life seems so fleeting

Time passes quickly, the years seem to fly

One would think there is no need to worry

How much damage can be done in this length of time?

But God has determined that we each have a purpose

He gave His Son; He sacrificed His very life

He gave a gift of immeasurable value

He waits to see what we do with our time

Do…we live only for the moment?

Live for ourselves and the ways of the world?

Live a life devoid of true meaning?

In the end unable to determine its worth

Easter is a time of reflection

A time of renewal; a time to make amends

It’s a chance to accept God’s presence in our everyday

A chance to live life…as our Lord intends

It’s a time to live without wasting a moment

In the end having lived life without regret

Knowing ones life has fulfilled its purpose

That the dream of our Lord has been met

Each life is a treasure that God has created

Given freely to this world without debt

With a chance to become rich beyond measure

If in daily life our Lord we would not forget

Our lives in this world can make a difference

Can change the world for the better; even as one

If we each use the blessings God has given

This world may reach what it was intended to become


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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