“He suffered; died; and was buried”


Within prayers…I’ve recited the line


Repetition without understanding the meaning


How could He suffer? He was Spirit Divine


But now…as I ponder the significance


As I realize He “truly” became man


He would feel with a human mind and body


He could feel fear… and suffer; as I can


On His knees He prays in the garden


Calling out…to His Father above


With the knowledge of a future foreboding


He relinquishes His will; for the souls He so loves


How it must feel; the anguish; the torment


Possessing the knowledge of betrayal to come


Knowing those He loves will turn against Him


To fear and persecution His loved ones succumb


His body will suffer horrific torture


Brutal inhumanity; He is forced to endure


Though His body is beaten and battered


The Spirit perseveres; the Spirit remains pure


As blood flows from His mangled body


He washes each of my inequities away


Giving hope for a life…eternal


Through His suffering; my debt He does pay


He hangs from the cross; my innocent Shepherd


He suffers; the body yearning for death


“They know not what they do” He whispers to His Father


Beseeching forgiveness even unto His last breath


“It is done” His final words are those of power


Prophecy fulfilled; through the sacrifice of the Son


Resurrected; to become one with the Father


A new promise; a new covenant is begun


My lips will speak prayers with new sincerity


Empathy and understanding; within the words I say


Easter; His sacrifice has new meaning


My heart is now one with the words that I pray.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell




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