I was asked a question today…

And my response was well-timed

Do you believe in Jesus?

“Yes…wholeheartedly” I chimed

Then why do you seem unhappy?

Not at your best

Your heart should be joyful

Not burdened and stressed

I thought of my worries

Of all that cluttered my mind

My search to find purpose

And how they each were entwined

I thought of my blessings

And my prayers for each day

Why did I choose to suffer?

Refuse to give my burdens away

For God commanded each Christian

To lay their burdens at His feet

To trust in His promise

To carry us through the obstacles we meet

I do not feel worthy

I am filled with self doubt

I admit a weakness

That I am troubled about

My soul is fearful

Though scripture tells me I’m saved

I trust others… are promised heaven

Yet I have never felt that way

There is another question

Do you believe?

That Jesus died to take away the sin

Carried by you and me

Do you believe?

He made the ultimate sacrifice

He cleansed your soul

By yielding His most holy life

You must believe!

YOU are cleansed by His blood

You’re unworthy?

Then His sacrifice wasn’t enough?

Her questions…

Finally opened my eyes

And allowed me to see

Thru the shroud of Satan’s lies

One of God’s angels

Beautiful spirit; with a heart sincere

Delivered me back to my Father

Released of my guilt and fear

I am worthy

No longer held hostage by sin

Celebrating the promise

Of spending eternity with Him.

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell / dedicated to Diane





















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