Do I trust… your words?

Though previously you chose to deceive

Apologies are… but words

Only meaningful if I choose to believe

You swear you speak the truth this time

You’ve begun your life anew; trying to make amends

Do I open my life to you?  Open my heart?

Trust you now… even as a friend?

Trust is such a fragile gift

Once broken; never truly to be whole

Maybe mended; with contrite heart and time

But doubt replaces the trust that you stole

My soul is in a constant struggle now

Trying to rid itself of this doubt

Believing in the goodness of you

Hoping… your demons have been driven out

Everyone deserves a second chance

If remorse is felt for mistakes of the past

But remorse must be true from the heart

For the trust that I give to you… to truly last

Only time will tell if I can trust you again

If I can let the wrongs…of our past… go

God allows forgiveness for every sin

My forgiveness… you’ve already known

But my heart is part of my human form

And betrayal is hard to forget

It lingers; it never truly lets go

Its bitterness I taste upon my lips

For I sincerely speak words that are true

I wish you happiness, forgiveness, and love

But my mind clouds those words with mistrust

And I pray strength will be given from above

For I want… to trust you again.

To honor… every word that you say

To believe that God… has your heart

And deception will no longer be played.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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