Am I the only one that wonders if I deserve

Heaven and all of the rewards it brings

I never feel that I have been good enough

To earn even a single feather of an angel’s wings

I have been told… and I know it’s true

That Jesus paid the price for my sinful ways

I am not burdened by the depth of my sin

His blood washed the dirt of my life away

Yet when I think of death; the eternal sleep

I worry I will be judged for the wrong I’ve done

I will stand before His throne; head bowed in shame

The truth apparent; so much left undone

My heart was never truly given to His word

I lived life on the edge of His world and mine

Trying to balance my life of earthly sin

A Christian and a sinner’s life entwined

I always knew the “right” thing to do

Yet my life seemed to wander from His lead

I had the heart with a Christian soul

But my body seemed led by worldly needs

In the eyes of the world I kept the faith

Yet I judged myself; guilty as sin

Rationalizing each day; my choices in the world

Yet wondering if there’s a time when mercy ends

To live by the Truth; is not an easy task

But is made easier when done as a show of love

In hope of making the Holy Father proud

As He watches our lives from heaven above

Out of love I will give myself to Him

Think about the choices I make in my daily life

I may not be perfect when I approach the Holy gates

But my Father will know… how hard I’ve tried.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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