What does it mean when he is not “in love”?

Is there a lapse in the degree of emotion?

Do I question what he is able to promise?

Do I question his sense of devotion?

Is there a lack of dedication?

A sense of uncertainty of the heart

Will his mind and desires wander?

As time progresses and we’re apart

Do I proceed with abandon?

Listening only to what I feel within

Or heed the whispers of my mind

Predicting this love someday may end

Another said “I love you but I’m not in love”

When marriage vows… were broken

His excuse for his infidelity

Were why those words were spoken

If he is not “in love” …

Does it mean he loves me less?

Or is it just a degree of emotion

That he is not yet ready to profess?

And though I love him dearly

Is it really worth the cost?

Of having my spirit shattered

Knowing love can be easily lost

My heart tells me I love him

I feel a sense of being “in love”

Though my mind cannot define my own…

Degree of emotion and the meaning thereof

To say I am “in love” with you

 For me…is a promise within itself

I can love many…but being “in love”

Envisions a future with no one else

So I will close my eyes in prayer

In hope that your “true” love one day I’ll claim

Your heart held captive; given only to me

You’ll feel “in love” as you whisper my name.

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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