I remember as a child…closing my eyes

My mind would wander in dreams

Scenarios of my life; of my future

All possibilities…within my reach

My dreams were so simple; so innocent

Nothing would ever…hold me back

To dream was to create reality

My happiness was a God-given fact

My life was complete; I was happy

I even found the man of my dreams

He fulfilled my every wish; every desire

Forever mine…he would always be

My place in this world was established

I had purpose in life; I had faith

My life, I knew, made a difference

The rewards of my life need not wait

My days were filled with sunshine

I was surrounded by warmth and love

Gloom and sadness were but a fleeting memory

Chased away by my Father above

Dreams, in that time, came so easy

To close my eyes…was to dream

To escape from my world; to my fantasy

Praying my future was how I dreamed it to be

But we all know the reality of daydreams

Is that, in fact, they’re not reality at all

Life isn’t easy…isn’t fantasy

There are obstacles, disappointments; we fall

But as I close my eyes and my mind wanders

I realize; this is the way my life is supposed to be

That without tears, I might overlook the happiness

That was so prevalent in all those daydreams

Maybe a “happy” life isn’t…my daydreams

But a balance between reality and fantasy

Reaching for dreams is admirable… but “happiness”

Comes from understanding we’re where God intends us to be


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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