Dance with me…

She says in the darkness

Her eyes are closed

There’s no one near

The dream has taken her

To every girl’s fantasy

He whispers, “I love you”, in her ear


He swears to protect her

From all that would harm her

He swears to treasure her

More than silver or gold

He swears her heart; he’ll cherish forever

He swears to her

His heart; she holds


He holds her close

As they dance in the moonlight

The angels sing a chorus above

His arms envelop her

His body shields her

He swears to her

His undying love


They dance on the beach

She’s as light as a feather

The wind blows gently through her hair

The moon casts a glow

Like a thousand lit candles

It flickers like gold

From her eyes and her hair


He twirls her again

As the world stops around them

White dress iridescent

Like the wings of a dove

His eyes never leaving

Her face for a moment

Her heart knows she has found true love


She’ll never stop dancing

She thinks for a moment

Her love one day; God will send

She’ll spend eternity

Searching for this feeling

In her heart; never allowing

This dream to end

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell

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