Why does this life seem so complicated?

We deal with uncertainty every day

Always second-guessing ourselves and others

Afraid to move forward lest we go the wrong way

We speak words that come from the heart

Yet careful to say only what we feel others want to hear

We omit the words that might hurt another

The silence changes the hurt into fear

For sometimes we hear more when words are unspoken

The truth becomes clear in the silence

Instead of expressing our feelings with clarity

The other hears doubt and defiance

Defiance of emotions that on the surface seem true

But deep within us are in conflict and pain

Words unspoken breed jealousy and doubt

As one grapples with his own self-esteem

For we each have a fear of being hurt

Of being left with our hearts open wide

It’s as if we feel we don’t deserve to be loved

A feeling hidden deep, but prevails; nonetheless inside

Why do we possess this insanity?

That in each relationship casts jealousy and doubt

For we each bring gifts to the table

To someone; we are the one they can’t live without

I guess because life seems so complicated

We are forced to make decisions everyday

That love becomes another decision we make

We decide who to leave and who should stay

We decide when the timing is right

We decide who will be best suited to our life

We attempt to manipulate our future

By choosing the one that we feel will be right

Love though; defies all the rules of man

It can’t be thought of in a logical sense

It’s a question that defies all answers

Only quieting once all emotion is spent

So to hell with thinking about love’s future

Maybe in reality; we shouldn’t think at all

Just let love guide us in its own direction

Not worry about how hard…we may fall

Just enjoy every moment love gives us

Appreciate everyone it brings into our lives

Accept each gift each new love brings us

Not worry about whether it’s wrong or right

Maybe then, if there’s no worry about a future

We’ll open our hearts to everyone we meet

Not hold back our emotions or desires

And give ourselves with no fear of defeat

Maybe then when we’re true to ourselves

When nothing is hidden or tucked quietly away

Our open souls will be a beacon for true love

Love without fear; love destined to stay


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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