Christmas lights shine with color iridescent

Ornaments hang on trees fragrant and green

The scent of cookies and sweet delicacies baking

Anticipation of “goodies” seen and unseen

Bows and Christmas wrapping bound together

Tinsel and garland adorn halls and stairs

Mistletoe hangs over the doorway entrance

The smell of cinnamon and clove… fills the air

Families reunite to share in the season

Memories are made; stories are told

Families sit… and share with one another

 Christmas spirit… warms hearts young and old

Bedtime nears; children become more excited

Thoughts of Santa and reindeer fill their heads

They fight against sleep to meet dear Santa

Knowing toys overflow from his magical sled

Innocence and belief are abundant at Christmas

Hearts open wide to the wonder Christmas brings

A season to celebrate those we love and Jesus

Remembering His birth makes possible; all things

Christmas angels tell us the wondrous story

Of the birth of our Savior; a gift given in love

Wrapped as our present in swaddling clothing

His Christmas bow; the northern star above

All that is asked; other than to accept Him

Is remember His name amidst the Christmas rush

Remember to see Him within the “Christmas beauty”

Accepting the “Gift of Salvation” given to each of us

Maybe the warm comfort felt within this season

Is not brought forth from things that glitter and shine

But is felt because we stop and feel His love within us

Allowing His presence and our souls to intertwine

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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