Christmas is a time of giving and sharing

Anticipation and joy fills the air

The scent of the season is fresh and crisp

As cold wind blows fiercely through our hair

The ride is a challenge; uncomfortable and cold

The cause gives us reason to endure the pain

Charity and compassion; warm the heart

Helping those less fortunate; the prize we gain

This season brings out the best within us

Our time and fortune we willingly share

We reach out a hand to help a brother

A “family”; a community that shows it cares

As we celebrate the birthday of our loving Savior

We live by the words…”What would Jesus do?”

Angels dressed in chaps and leathers

Halos replaced with a biker’s tattoo

Christmas is the season to share our blessings

To allow God’s hand to guide our way

To ride and be a part of the season’s beauty

Amidst Christmas lights and wondrous displays

The chrome shines with color reflecting light iridescent

The tire turns swiftly on the cold winter road

Taking each rider on their own personal journey

Memories of Christmas past; of blessings bestowed

Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell




























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