Man fights daily to be leader

In all that is within his domain

He sweats and tires from his battles

Impervious to loneliness and to pain

For he is taught to never be a follower

To always be at the head of the pack

To follow is deemed; a sign of weakness

Fortitude and status… he would lack

Money and power are his motivation

As the young man struggles on his own

Competition tears at him daily…

Reaching the top; he discovers he’s alone

He wonders if his life has been wasted

He’s lost so much on his way to the top

Dreams and hearts that quietly slipped past him

As he hurried toward goals; no time to stop

He looks back at all he did not follow

Never allowing his heart to be his guide

Realizing he’d achieved the role of leader

But his only satisfaction was found within his pride

The things in life that truly make one happy

Are found when one chooses to follow the heart

The truest treasure is love…from earth and heaven

And the joy and the peace that each of these impart

Strength is needed… to trust in another

To live by faith; allowing another to hold your heart

Giving your life to God; following His guidance

Walking His path; though at times it sets you apart

Strength is needed…to love another

To risk giving love that may not be given back

To open…your heart and soul to another

Being vulnerable; being open to attack

He looks back and sees that one must balance

The need to lead and yet follow the One above

He must lead by… His words and His wisdom

He must follow the One that gives the gift of love

He will be stronger; the more he chooses to follow

For he will allow himself to love and to be loved

And the treasures that will be bestowed in his earthly kingdom

Are priceless both on earth… and heaven above

He kneels accepting the Lord as his savior

Head bowed; he cries… into the night

He is weak; yet it is his strongest moment

As he is bathed in the Lord’s loving light.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell











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