I didn’t understand chemistry in college

And I don’t understand it now

In college…it was all about books and formulas

Now it’s about…love

I don’t think I’ll ever truly grasp the theory of either one

Chemistry between a man and a woman is so confusing

Why do we seem to have chemistry only with those that are dangerous to us?

We seem drawn to the volatile; the one that doesn’t mix well with us

While the one that is “safe” is left untouched; is undesired

Does the excitement of what could happen when two totally different components are mixed always supersede what we know to be “safe”?

Even as we see the flask erupt with a symphony of passionate color and hear the explosion of innumerable molecules coming together we know that with time this process usually disintegrates into something that is totally without any usefulness

Yet we bring the two together anyway


Are we hoping to create something where others have failed?

Do we only desire that which we shouldn’t have?

Or in this modern age are we searching for the danger… the thrill of the hunt?

As advanced as we’ve become is there still a small part of us that has refused to evolve?

Chemistry… I’ll never understand it

And at this age… I’ve given up trying


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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