Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

And you… seek the beauty that is within

Looking past the body… superficial

Seeing beauty where it truly must begin

The world allows the skin to overshadow

The essence of what truly lies inside

For outward beauty is created; is artwork

Painted on… by vanity; by pride

Every flaw: perceived visible; perceived noticed

Envisioned unsightly; causing insecurity and pain

Yet only visible to oneself; a view unrealistic

We look upon “flaws” with chagrin and disdain

In life’s mirror we see imperfection

Forgetting… in His image… God created man

Our bodies; ever-changing; vessels of beauty

Housing the soul; the true essence of who I am

Search only for those that see within you

Let not man judge you only by his vision

For true beauty lies deep within

Best seen when the body was only envisioned

Hold true to self and to God

Let no man ever turn asunder

The beauty…He saw; He created

The soul; His essence… of wonder


Written by TaVona S Treadwell


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