Beauty is seen in the world around us

In the clouds that carpet heaven’s floor

But the truest; purest form of beauty

Is in the essence; the heart of a teenage girl

For her heart and mind are filled with wonder

Leaving childhood; fairy tales far behind

Yet hoping to keep… the happy endings

True love: her prince she hopes to find

The world… is full of possibilities

There are no limits to who she may become

Her soul is unbridled; filled with God’s compassion

To the destructive world; this soul will not succumb

Her beauty will shine; as she remains forever faithful

To those she loves; to God’s touch upon her heart

She is beauty; the essence of innocence

A bit of innocence she will forever impart

For innocence; preserves the heart; preserves beauty

Once lost; never truly again… regained

She lives in the world; she grows into adulthood

Yet God’s beauty within her heart; forever remains.


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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